Tygra - Armored Personnel Carrier

General Product Information:

Built-in our own vehicle lab, Tygra is one of our proud products. We used Toyota 79 Series chassis for Tygra design. Tygra is suitable for urban and cross-country patrol, border security and personnel movement situations(APC). Military units and their fire support can easily equip Tygra with multi-purpose weapon systems. Remotely controlled weapon module is a great option, typical examples are 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. Installation of active and passive protection units on the vehicle is relatively easy. On the other hand, peace support missions can also benefit from the incredible armoring of Tygra, in conflict-zones. One of the great advantages of using MSV's Tygra is, it keeps heavily dressed troops from overheating in high temperatures of deserts by using dual air-conditioners.A unique armored personnel carrier, that's what we can put into words for Tygra. It provides immense protection against military grade threats. However, Tygra manages to give tremendous comfort for its passengers, unlike any other vehicle in its league. Engineers of Mezcal Security Vehicles produced a magnificent vehicle with the best intentions to provide the finest security solutions convenient to buyers. Check out our Tygra. Following are the key specifications and armored enhancements of the current model of Tygra. Please note that we can add custom modifications to the APC.KEY SPECIFICATIONS::- Base Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series, 4WD- Model year: 2014- Engine Model: 4.0L Petrol (Diesel option available)- Output: 96 kW/228 HP@5,200rpm, 37 mKg@3,800rpm- Cubic Capacity: 4,164 cc- Transmission: 5-Speed manual- Seats: 2 + 6- Color: As per Customer's choice- Body Type: 3-door Light Armoured Personnel Carrier


Country:United Arab Emirates
Industry:Security Vehicles/Armoured Personnel Carrier
Delivery Time:As Per Negotiation
Price:As Per Negotiation
Type:Selling Offer

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